Step Into Our Classroom
Vocabulary Assignment Guidelines
Step 1- Use a thesaurus (or dictionary, only when truly necessary) to define the word. Cite where this synonym or definition came from. I.e. Merriam Webster, etc.
2- State a textual relationship with the word. I.e. obstinate = dwarves
Where do we see the concept of this word present in the reading selection. This is a simple two-three word relationship; not a sentence.
3- Write a contextual sentence with the vocabulary word (a sentence that would help someone to better understand the meaning of the word).
Let’s look at Sarah’s example of a vocabulary word from Grade 8’s Shabanu by Suzzane Fisher Staples.
disheveled – very untidy (of people or their appearance)
b) Shabanu
c) Because Shabanu did not care greatly for her appearance and spent most of her time outside with the camels she had a much disheveled look.