In ninth grade English we implement the following technological resources.
Our class website-
external image wikispaces-logo.jpg
Blogger - Here we work weekly on our writing, creative, expository, and narrative.
external image 1230157058_bc65dce3b9.jpg?v=0 - Gmail allows us to communicate outside of class. We send assignment links, guidelines, deadlines, and accolades.
external image gmail-logo.jpg This is a great site that allows us to make digital posters, comprised of images and audio and voice files.
external image Glogsterlogo.jpg
Google docs - we are able to maintain a running record (spreadsheet) of our grades which in turn are accessible to our parents.
external image google-docs-good-logo.jpg
Google Calendar - You can see our calendar to the left under A. Schedule. It helps us to keep up with deadlines due dates.
external image google-calendar-logo.jpg - We use slideshare to upload powerpoint and keynote presentations.
external image slideshare_1.jpg
Say and Post - This is a great bit of software that allows us the most simplistic means to create voice recordings that are instantaneously uploaded to the internet. With the files uploaded we are able to embed them into our wikis, blogs, glosters, and even into emails. We like this software for recording our reading.
external image app.gif
Acrobat - We receive our grades regularly via
external image Adobe-Acrobat-Reader-256x256.png
You tube- We upload class projects, productions, presentations and performances to youtube.
external image youtube.jpg