Epiphany-? –to suddenly understand something
Epiphany- Djo vs. Life
When Djo woke up at the hospital he had an epiphany.

Clandestine- covert- something that is a secret
Clandestine- Djo vs. Life
It was clandestine for Djo mother boyfriend that she had a son.

Noncommittally- refusing- not to take one opinion
Noncommittally- Djo vs. Aristide
Djo was noncommittal to what father Aristide told him.

Flirtatious- playful- to tease someone or something
Flirtatious- Djo vs. Jeremie
Djo wanted to be flirtatious with Jeremie but he couldn’t because he couldn’t move.

Missionaries- priest –to send someone on a mission usually religious purposes
Missionaries- Aristide vs. Man
Aristide would be considered to be a missionaries before be took power.

Democracy- equality- to have social equality
Democracy- Man vs. Man
Haiti did not have any democracy during papa doc and baby doc time.

Unity- harmony- to have a agreement
Unity- Man vs. Man
All Haitians thought there would be unity after Papa Doc time was over.

Belligerent- argumentative- to be aggressive with someone or something
Belligerent- Man vs. Man
The Tonton Macoute were very belligerent with the Haitians when Papa Doc was in power.