This will be a running list of vocabulary from our novel study, The Hobbit, by J.R.R Tolkien.
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1) For each word provide a definition. If you can, give the definition in your own words. If you need to provide a dictionary definition, let us know where you obtained it.
2) Give a word association that deals with the word. Where in the text do we see, feel, and find this concept and it relates to the definition.
3) Provide a contextual sentence.
See example from class below.

1) reluctant
2) nefarious
3) precarious
4) diminutive
5) plunder
6) cunning
7) uncanny
1) A) reluctant - unwilling to do something
B) reluctant- Bilbo vs. adventure
C) Although the Tookish side of Bilbo had initially been intrigued with the idea of an adventure, the following morning he was reluctant to leave his comfortable Hobbit hole.

2) nefarious- (continue)