1) Treacherous
A) Disloyal and double crossing.
B) Dwarves Vs. Gandalf
C) The dwarves felt that Gandalf was treacherous when he was telling them he was going to leave them.
2) Ghastly
A) Horrifying and terrible.
B) Eagles Vs. Bilbo
C) When Bilbo was taken by the eagles he was feeling very ghastly.
3) Wily
A. Full of, marked by, or proceeding from wiles; crafty; cunning.
B. Bilbo Vs. Goblins
C. Bilbo was too wily about the plan he made for the Dwarves to escape the Goblins.
4) Pondering
A) Lost in thought and contemplative
B) Bilbo Vs. Gollum
C) The dwarves were caught, and so Bilbo was pondering how he could set them free.
5) Commotion
A) violent or tumultuous motion
B) Dwarves Vs. Bilbo
C) The dwarves were thinking and asking themselves if they should do what Bilbo told them to do, or do something else in commotion.
6) Pernicious
A) Evil or deadly
B) Bilbo Vs. Beorn
C) Bilbo considers that Beorn is very pernicious
7) Foe
A) Enemy or antagonist
B) Bilbo Vs. Goblins
C) The Goblins know for sure that Bilbo, their foe was going to get the treasure in his hands
8) Mishap
A) Misfortune or an accident
B) Bombur Vs. River
C) Bombur deals with a mishap when he falls into the river.
9) Slumber
A) Sleep or doze
B) Dwarves
C) The Dwarves rest at Beorns’s house.